My Retail Furniture Business Closed – Now What?

U.S. Retail Furniture Dealers and home goods retailers have been hurt by several things in the past few years. Small business owners in retail furniture and home furnishings have been forced out of business

At first it was competition from big box stores like Target and specialty super-chains like Restoration Hardware and Z Gallery. Cheap imported knock-offs of American and European designed furniture appeared everywhere, at prices designed to eliminate the competition.

Then the slowdown in housing and the end of home refinancing took its toll. If you’ve been in the furniture business a while, as I have, you know that people simply stopped spending a while ago, before reports of a “possible recession” began to surface.

Smaller boutique and specialty furniture stores began closing, and they were followed by huge furniture chains including Wickes, which closed its 38 stores nationwide.

Have you been affected by any of the above? I was. It changed my life.

For 17 years I owned a small group of retail furniture specialty stores in Chicago and Southwest Michigan. I sold exotic furniture from all over the world, unusual home furnishings and art. The retail stores were like mini-museums with price tags, and we had a great following.

However, my best selling furniture designs started showing up in some of the big stores mentioned above. Not exactly the same furniture, and definitely not the same quality, but to undiscerning customers, the “look” was apparently close enough. And the competition forced me to sell many formerly profitable items a loss.

I had to be on the lookout for new furniture suppliers to find items to replace the furniture designs which had been ripped-off.

Then it happened. It seems that most of my furniture sales had been to either buyers of new homes or refinancers of old ones. It was the start of the decline in the housing market. My warehouse was full of furniture. It was enough to last two to three months, given the turnover in my furniture stores.

I wasn’t prepared for what happened. That inventory lasted almost three years!

The end of my furniture businesses was in sight, but I struggled to stay afloat. When employees left, I didn’t replace them. I became a slave to my stores, which were open seven days a week.

I cut back every expense I could. But the rents still went up every year. Eventually I decided to close each store as the leases were up for renewal. My landlords all wanted five to ten year commitments, with escalation clauses. That firmed the decision.

So, I was left with no stores and no source of income. Not a pretty scenario.

I started looking for what would be the next venture. It had to be something with no inventory, rent, overhead or employees. A friend had introduced me to a network marketing company a few years earlier, but that opportunity was simply too slow-growth for what I wanted. My goal was to find something which could replace the six-figure income I was getting from my furniture stores, and do it quickly!

After months of research, I finally found what I was looking for. Top Tier Direct Sales. I found a company which specialized in selling high-end products on the internet, and signed on.

I learned internet marketing from the company’s excellent trainers, and was set up in my new business in a few weeks. Sales started rolling in the next month. Now I work from home, or from the beach in Cancun, or from my i-phone. I love the internet and top tier sales. They gave me the freedom and money I was looking for.

Get Screws and Other Hardware From Industrial Supplies Companies

Screws come in many different forms. If you have not given it much thought before, these tiny tools are more powerful than you think. These are examples of construction materials that are more than meet the eye. This article discusses some types and finding the right industrial supplies companies to source from.

Using button head, shoulder bolt, socket head cap screws and other materials

The drives on the head are generally what differentiate each type from the other. These are necessary to drive the body into the other material depending on application. Its head is the stopper (or fastener) locking objects together. This part also determines which driver you need to use to fasten the screw shut. For example, socket heads are hexagonal and need a corresponding driver.

What brand is most reliable?

Most experienced craftsmen and industry experts prefer the brand Unbrako. This manufacturer provides tried and tested products for a variety of applications. Screws from this manufacturer serve as the benchmark for all in terms of overall effectiveness and durability. This is the reason you are likely to come across the brand in all major hardware shops and standalone or internet industrial supplies companies.

Looking for industrial supplies companies online

Buying your socket head cap screws and other materials is easier online. Companies with websites categorize their products according to specification. You can choose to narrow down your search according to manufacturer or brand name, its generic name, type, and different dimensions. This is important especially when you consider the fact that most types – including socket head cap screws – do not go by name, but rather by part numbers.

Clear product catalogs and inventories will make searching for the proper product less of a hassle for you. This is true regardless of application and size of the project. Online retailers are a good idea whether you are involved in serious projects making use of the tools or are carrying out a simple DIY project.

There are many suppliers on the internet offering a wide range of different tools and materials. The first step to narrowing down your search is by figuring out the exact products you need for the application. Check with your project managers or reference and see which products are appropriate. Not all types serve the same purpose. This is especially true if you are giving emphasis to aesthetics. For example, a flat head screw may be a better choice for making furniture. Button or socket head cap screws are an alternative if you want to highlight the use of the tool.

Determining which type is suitable for the job is important to find the solution you need. Keep specifics in mind because ordering the wrong products will result in wasted money and hundreds of pieces you cannot put to use. Avoid spending more by knowing exactly what you need prior to choosing industrial supplies companies to source your materials from.

Select retailers that have extensive in-house inventory. This is especially important if you are pursuing major projects that need a high volume of tools. The recommendation is to source from only one distributor rather than a combination. Sourcing from just one retailer may also lead to reduced costs, especially if you order in bulk. Look for industrial supplies companies offering free quotes to their customers. This will help you figure out if their solutions fit your budget and are the ideal choice.