All About Antique Cabinet Hardware

When looking to complement your house and spruce it up a bit, you should turn your attention to the piece of furniture which is present in most rooms in your house and has the tendency to take up a good chunk of space, making it’s stylistic impact exceptionally powerful; the cabinetry.

There are a good number of designs and materials to choose from; there is something for everyone, even the possibility of ordering custom cabinets, which are shaped according to your exact instructions. One of the most popular choices when it comes to giving a good jolt of style is antique cabinetry; whilst it does usually cost more than it’s counterparts, the price is simply a reflection of the artistic quality that you’ll be getting out of it.

There are two factors which need to be looked at before anything else when choosing a style for your cabinets: the structure of the cabinet, and the hardware installed in it. For example, if you’re the owner of more modernly styled cabinets, then it would be wise to use a metallic finish on the hardware.

When it comes to antique styled cabinets, the hardware usually has either a brushed-finish, or polished brass finish hardware. Such pieces go very well with finishes such as sterling, nickel, oiled or aged bronze, polished chrome and antique copper.

As you’ve most likely noticed by now, the market will not be in shortage of antique hardware anytime soon, and thus I recommend that you go for a cast-iron vernacular or sliding style latch. These parts are usually constituted by solid brass, and do a very good job of fitting in with antique settings, adding to the elegant and classic atmosphere.

If you’re open to spending more money for the sake of getting something a little more intriguing, then I recommend that you go around some antique hardware suppliers, seeing as how they might’ve collected some unique, antique furniture pieces which would most likely look mighty good in your home.

Antique Cabinet Knobs Infuse a Classic and Timeless Appeal

Antique cabinet knobs offer a classic charm to your home. For many, cabinet hardware are not exactly worth thinking about seriously and do not require a lot of deliberation. However, they do have an essential part in the overall look of your kitchen, bedroom or anywhere you have cabinets. As unobtrusive as they may be, they lend a certain kind of appeal the way other more showy furniture and appliances in a house flagrantly do – but in a subtle way. If you are looking to infuse a different appeal to a room but you do not wish to conduct a complete overhaul of the space, then you might want to consider upgrading your cabinet hardware. This may sound overly simple, but it can do the job of bringing in a new look.

One type of hardware worth looking at is the antique type. If you are among the many who love a classic taste that can remain for a long while and does not ever fade like fashion does, then going for a timeless theme will serve you well. The dramatic expression radiated by traditional furnishings, such as antique cabinet knobs, can add dimension and depth to your room. Many affluent homeowners tend to have a preference for the antique theme due to the sense of magnificence and intensity it brings. Nevertheless, a lot of people find this design an expensive endeavor to achieve. This is because of the seemingly widespread notion that anything antique can come costly. This may be true in some aspects but when it comes to furniture, you always have options.

Many manufacturers of cabinet hardware work on different elements to provide more choices for the customers. When it comes to materials for hardware for cabinets, one of the most widely used is the bronze element. This material has been around for generations and has remained in existence because of its durability. Thousands of years before, Romans found a lot of value in bronze in that they were able to use it for a host of purposes. They relied on the component to create dependable weapons against their enemies. Additionally, they found good use for bronze in the production of furniture. These were testament to the resilience of bronze.

Today, bronze is a main component used in cabinet hardware because of these same qualities. Your endeavor to make your room look new using timeless pieces of hardware can be achieved using bronze cabinet knobs. When you check out online suppliers, you will find that there are vast arrays of choices, so the selecting process will be quite enjoyable. You can go for a bronze weave cabinet knob with a double weave design and inculcated with an Irish or Celtic flavor. Another ideal option would be a new weave innovation such as a Cornwall birdcage cabinet knob made from bronze, which can come in strong, aerodynamic shapes that give better grips. There are practically zillions of selections to go through. It is just a matter of going for items that will look best in your room.

Once you have chosen from among the many bronze pieces that can pass for antique cabinet knobs, it will be easy to set them up. Or, you can choose to have an expert install the knobs for you if you want to be sure that the task is done right. When this is done, survey the entire area well and you will see what a simple change can do. What you see is an example of how a classic theme can do wonders for your personal space.