All About Antique Cabinet Hardware

When looking to complement your house and spruce it up a bit, you should turn your attention to the piece of furniture which is present in most rooms in your house and has the tendency to take up a good chunk of space, making it’s stylistic impact exceptionally powerful; the cabinetry.

There are a good number of designs and materials to choose from; there is something for everyone, even the possibility of ordering custom cabinets, which are shaped according to your exact instructions. One of the most popular choices when it comes to giving a good jolt of style is antique cabinetry; whilst it does usually cost more than it’s counterparts, the price is simply a reflection of the artistic quality that you’ll be getting out of it.

There are two factors which need to be looked at before anything else when choosing a style for your cabinets: the structure of the cabinet, and the hardware installed in it. For example, if you’re the owner of more modernly styled cabinets, then it would be wise to use a metallic finish on the hardware.

When it comes to antique styled cabinets, the hardware usually has either a brushed-finish, or polished brass finish hardware. Such pieces go very well with finishes such as sterling, nickel, oiled or aged bronze, polished chrome and antique copper.

As you’ve most likely noticed by now, the market will not be in shortage of antique hardware anytime soon, and thus I recommend that you go for a cast-iron vernacular or sliding style latch. These parts are usually constituted by solid brass, and do a very good job of fitting in with antique settings, adding to the elegant and classic atmosphere.

If you’re open to spending more money for the sake of getting something a little more intriguing, then I recommend that you go around some antique hardware suppliers, seeing as how they might’ve collected some unique, antique furniture pieces which would most likely look mighty good in your home.