Industrial Panel Saw: Tips for Choosing the Right Machine

Panel saws cut large pieces of wood into smaller pieces that are used for furniture, cabinets, doors, and other types of products. Because several types of woodwork require panels, an industrial panel saw is a necessary tool for many woodworkers. If shopping for one, the tips below will help evaluate equipment, and the woodworking machines suppliers who sell it.

Identify the Right Model

The saws come in vertical models and horizontal models. Because the former have a smaller footprint, they are preferred for small workspaces. Vertical models also have a reputation for being easier to load than horizontal models. In addition to workspace considerations, the model that is chosen should depend on whether the cutting mechanism will be moved vertically or horizontally. However, if buying a CNC model, a computer will control the mechanism.

Consider Buying Used Equipment

The value of buying the equipment used depends on the grade of equipment that is needed: hobby grade, mid grade, or industrial grade. Because hobby grade and mid grade equipment do not have a long lifespan, buying them used seldom offers much value. Industrial models, on the other hand, feature rigid construction that can endure strenuous use for years. Considering the high price of industrial grade equipment, buying it in a used condition is only sensible.

Shop for Reconditioned Equipment

Buying a used industrial panel saw that has not been reconditioned is risky for one reason: it may contain old or recalcitrant parts that will malfunction soon, and bring the production line to a halt. Reconditioning does not significantly increase the price tag of pre-owned equipment, but it makes it more reliable, and may increase its performance quality – two benefits that make reconditioned hardware the optimal choice.

Inquire About the Previous Owner

Many woodworking machinery suppliers that sell used equipment keep a record of the equipment’s previous ownership. Inspecting this record is helpful for predicting the equipment’s true state of wear, as hardware that is rigorously used typically ages faster than hardware that is moderately used. If the seller does not have information about the equipment’s original owner, presenting the serial number to the manufacturer is a reliable way of discovering the identity of the person or company.

Buy from an Experienced Seller

A seller who has a solid business history typically has three things to its credit: a record at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) that is free of unresolved customer complaints, an excellent set of professional references, and a successful business history of at least two years operating under its current business name. When a seller that has these attributes is found, buying its equipment should feel worry-free.


An industrial panel saw is a valuable piece of equipment for those who create furniture, cabinets, doors, and other products that require panels. If a panel saw is needed, following the tips above will assist in selecting the right product, and evaluating the woodworking machines suppliers before making a purchase.