Used IT Equipment

There is an unknown market out there, in used IT equipment. Users of IT equipment often overlook the used IT equipment market. You can buy a selection of various second hand or used items, from household furniture to baby gear, so, why is it that consumers overlook and don’t consider the used IT market? There are a number of benefits to finding a good supplier of used IT equipment, but most importantly and most obvious are the knockdown prices you will pay for a relatively new piece of equipment.

For a fraction of the retail price, you could purchase second hand and used IT equipment. All you need to do is find a reputable used hardware supplier. This is actually not difficult, on the internet you will find a number of specialised companies who deal in used and second hand IT equipment. Usually these companies will purchase used IT stock from other businesses looking to sell off IT hardware. Companies that need to get rid of surplus IT equipment find themselves in situations such as insolvency, IT department down-sizing, un-used IT hardware, old equipment and more.

Because there are so many factors that lead to companies selling off surplus IT equipment, chances are, the equipment is often in great working order. In addition, it is possible to find a reputable buyer of IT equipment and get a guarantee on your chosen purchases. These experienced companies that deal in used IT stock offer refurbished IT equipment, spare parts, repaired accessories and more at reduced prices. Most of the used stock that passes through the hands of these used IT buyers will be refurbished, upgraded and thoroughly tested to ensure best possible working order.

Find bargain priced accessories and tools, external hard drives, laptops and the best branded IT stock that includes IBM, Dell, HP, Compaq, Sony and more. If you are thinking of setting up a business, and require IT hardware, get the lowest prices for top branded equipment from a used IT wholesaler. Many of the best-used hardware specialist companies operate solely online, so, go to the internet to find more information on your choice supplier of used IT equipment. Find information on your chosen supplier and review history and experience. Get online quotes for used IT hardware and ensure you get the best price including a guarantee from your chosen company. There is a market for pre-owned IT equipment, and people around the world are starting to benefit from it, make sure you do not miss unbeatable prices for great quality, tried-and-tested products.

Builders Advice – Protecting Polished Floors

I love timber floors-they’re warm and create a great atmosphere in a home. But, as with anything natural, you have to look after them:

Make sure you replace any missing rubber chair tips on metal chairs or stools. Add felt pads to the bottom of wooden chairs or nail-on nylon skids; you’ll find these at any hardware store, they’ll not only help protect your floor but make the chairs more stable.

Put a doormat at the front and back door so grit, sand and other abrasive substances aren’t walked through the house.

For protection from staining and abrasion on oil-finished floors, applying floor wax is also worthwhile; it’ll help make the floor less slippery. On the other hand, floors that have been polyurethaned should not be waxed but cleaned more regularly as they can actually become slippery with wax.

Fixing scratches Oiled Floors:
Wax your floor. If you’re not up for a complete refinishing job, buffing the floor with a coat of wax will disguise scratches.

Scratch Fix Pen
If you have slightly deeper scratches in your floor, revealing the lighter colour of the timber below, a Scratch Fix pen may be the answer. These pens can be purchased from many antique dealers or furniture restoration suppliers and are like felt tip markers charged with wood stain rather than ink. Make sure you choose a colour that’s lighter than your floor, and then build the colour up with several applications. Finish the repair with wax or polyurethane, depending on the floor finish.

Polyurethaned Floors
Small scratches on polyurethaned floors can be touched up with more polyurethane after cleaning. Carefully apply some polyurethane to the scratches and then wipe over the repaired area with a rag lightly dampened with turpentine to remove the excess poly from the surface, leaving only what’s sitting in the scratches.

Heavier Scratches
For heavier scratches, the entire board or boards should be lightly sanded and then coated. if the new finish is a bit too glossy, cut it back a bit with some fine steel wool. If you don’t want to re-polish the whole floor and want to try fixing only the affected patches, you may find that over the years the colour of the original finish will have darkened with exposure to sunlight. You’ll need to stain the floor or the polyurethane, to match the existing colour before you apply the poly.

Applying/Removing Beeswax
I’d highly recommend applying a wax to an oiled timber floor as the wax that will add shine while protecting the finish below from scuffing, minor scratches and staining. The wax can be stripped back periodically and reapplied to -lake your floor look like new again. The best kind of beeswax to us 3 on floors to cover up scratches is Dark Stain beeswax, as it will help to hide the scratches well. Apply with a soft cloth and then buff off. If you’re interested in waxing your entire floor there are speciality floor waxes. Gilly Stephenson make a really good floor wax which is available from hardware stores.

It you want to remove wax from a floor I’d recommend a mix of one-third gum turpentine, one-third meth and one third vinegar (shake well before and during use). This also acts as a good general cleaner for polished timber work. Store any leftovers of this blend in a cool place, as it can become a bit volatile if it overheats.