Nuts and Bolts Suppliers Wary of Chinese Threat!

Nuts and Bolts: Brief introduction

Nuts and Bolts are the basic hardware items used in every manufacturing industry across the globe. They belong to the family of Fasteners which cover everything from nails to rivets and bolts. To give you an idea about how many such small, yet significant tools are used in our day to day lives, check these interesting facts – A phone is held together with about 75 fasteners, a car with 3,500, and a jet plane with 1,500,000. From making a furniture to constructing a building, every industrial application needs to use these important tools to put their end-product in order.

The modern day nuts and bolts industry owe its existence to the great Industrial Revolution and to the technical innovations since then, which further improved fasteners to keep everything connected and moving.

In the early days there used to be lots of issues due to the quality of material used and irregular shapes and sizes. Thankfully, Nuts and bolts industry now have certain standards and metric sizes to adhere to for industry wide needs.Today we have reached a stage where a nut from one company and a bolt from another one can be fitted perfectly with no problem whatsoever.

Nuts and Bolts Suppliers New Dawn

After an erratic economic period, the nuts and Bolts manufacturing industry is on the verge of recovery. Experts say that the recovery of key industries like the automotive and construction markets will improve revenue as this industry relies on downstream demand. Additionally, exports are expected to grow, as developing countries like India will increase demand for such products. Observers also see consolidation in the industry as the rising import competition will threaten the profit margins.

The Market Leader So Far

As of now USA is the undisputed market leader. The last available statistics reveal, in USA about 600 companies make fasteners, employ about 60,000 workers, and make about 250 billion fasteners each year, bolts included. However with changing times, USA is losing its competitive edge to other low-cost foreign destinations.

Dynamism of a Typical Rubber Grommet

Grommets may come in many forms in various materials. One of the more popular materials for grommets is rubber. A rubber can be very useful in the home, office or commercial outlet that has furniture and equipment which require stability against the surface.


Rubber grommets can be used in a variety of applications whether in the home or factory. Every has a quality scale which is dependent on the consumer’s preference for a particular application. Higher quality grommets are usually used in industrial environment where stronger grommets are required to handle heavy duty applications.

The size of the grommet is also crucial to its right application. It is impacted by the spaces to be connected. A is usually a round ring inserted into a hole via a component. There are various shapes and designs of grommets such as the popular flared or collared designs to get a better grip of items. The smallest or metal is the sports shoes eyelet.


A rubber grommet is very useful in easing rough edges where holes were drilled into hard materials like metal. With the soft grommet, wires can be passed through without getting abraded which is common with electrical insulation. Hence, grommets can cover the rough edges as the surface is smooth and soft.

Grommets made of rubber can be molded to suit an application. They can be in continuous strips called edge grommets. They can keep the wiring neat and tidy as in the office environment where strong quality is used to make desk grommets. Grommets can also come in many colors for an easier identification of application or location.


There is a host of grommet suppliers in town that carry a wide range of grommets for all applications in all environments. grommets are easily available as they are the more popular type of grommets used at home and in most industries.

The local hardware stores would be able to supply the necessary to suit the application. Consumers can seek professional assistance in the choice of grommets through professional hardware suppliers who have the knowledge and experience in handling grommets.

Good and reputable suppliers may also deliver an order of grommet if it is a bulk order. Regular customers also have the privilege of delivery service for their orders even if they use online orders. Hence, grommets can cover the rough edges as the surface is smooth and soft.